anyone who says “the bible is clear” about an issue, is 100% of the time wrong. the bible wasnt clear once. the bible couldnt be clear about how to make a table if it came in an ikea box

Exodus 25:23-30

well ill be darned




chuck tingle, two time hugo award nominee and author of such erotica classics as ‘space raptor butt invasion’, ‘i’m gay for my living billionaire jet plane’, ‘bigfoot pirates haunt my balls’, and ‘there’s a bitcoin in my butt and he’s handsome’ just published a short story about the importance of consent and how it’s okay to have a loving relationship without sex if you want to??? 

that’s lovely on its own but it’s also called ‘not pounded in the butt by anything and that’s okay’, which is my favourite book title ever


also this is the cover




hey all.

so i’ve logged into this site for the first time in a really long time bc i heard about the porn ban and figured that yahoo would finally be killing this site like its done to so many others. i knew when yahoo bought tumblr that yahoo’s kiss of death would eventually work its poison. and here we are 😀

i haven’t been using social media with any regularity for like… two years now? the reasons are manifold and i’ve discussed them to death, so i won’t go more into that.

i will say that tumblr will always have a special little place in my heart. its where i first really discovered my voice (as a writer and philosopher). i’ve contributed both good and bad things to teh Discourse.

i’d suggest new places to find me, but i’m not active anywhere atm. so…


if i ever were to make suggestions for what sort of places people should go….

for a twitter/tumblr replacement it’d be mastodon (which i haven’t seen many people mention). it’s open source/federated social media. its posts are capped at 500 characters but you can post video and images. the handling of explicit content depends on the individual server’s policies (and you can make your own server to serve a specific community if you want). 

stop using shit like discord or slack or whatever. as complicated and annoying as irc can be to use, its better if you want to do group chat. 

for fic sharing and whatever, maybe just use good old listservs…. easy enough to make comments to the individual or group. shit, use a listserv to create a blogging community. 

shit. lets go back to using forums. whatever.

both irc and listservs have well-developed mod controls. 

the point i’m trying to make here is that there is a lot of value in sites/services that use open protocols. they are some of the longest lasting internet technologies and they give you a lot of freedom (since you aren’t tied into a particular thing). 

but i know… these sorts of services can be a bit more technically challenging. and someone still needs to have a server or whatever to host the listserv or mastodon instance. and this will cost money. although there are plenty of people already hosting these things. 

anyway. the important point here is that if you never want to get caught in this sort of situation the *only* solution is to own your data and *not* rely on random companies to give you space. in this world no corporation will ever have your best interests in mind. not ever. 

(this is why my main blog has *always* been privately hosted.)

passing this on for the second half in particular, if it’s not clear.


Resurrection City: Poor People’s Campaign. From May 15 to June 24, 1968, anti-poverty activists from all over the country, occupied, and lived on, the National Mall just south of the Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and what is now, the World War II Memorial in D.C.

For 41 days, Resurrection City was its own town. It had a barber shop, a city hall, a mess tent, a day care — even its own ZIP code. At its height, about 2,700 people lived in the wood-and-canvas tents.

Dr. King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. However, his vision for the Poor People’s Campaign continued to live, even after his death. This series of photographs are a true testament of our resilience and commitment to one another. Let’s continue that tradition and do our part at the polls this election.

photographs by Robert Houston (1968)



Onsen country! Up in the mountains at Tsurunoyu Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest onsens and it’s completely magical ✨. Two days of hiking, reading, fires, snow, great food and being in hot springs in a beautiful rural spot (accompanied by a typical modern Japanese twist of vending machines that dispense beer and hot chocolate 24hrs a day). There’s really nothing not to like ❤️ .